Posted by: Asmodeus | December 14, 2007

My Humble Apologies

I know I must seem like a right bastard for starting a blog and then not posting anything for almost a month later, but it’s been a bit crazy for me lately. I plan to keep a regular blog schedule after the holidays, but for now I’d like to direct your attention to a video I made awhile ago on Youtube. It is controversial and was removed from the Flixya site. I was only presenting some facts about the war overseas, but I guess not everyone appreciates the truth. It features a song called “Coma” by Buckethead with Serj Tankian (from SOAD) and Middle Eastern singer Azam Ali. It’s a very powerful combo!

Here’s my antiwar fact video called “Just A Statement (About War)”. Feel Free to let me know what you think of it!

Happy Holidays!

Update Note: The bastards at Warner Bros made Youtube take down the video for Copyright Violation a few days ago (Jan. 2008). Far from trying to take away their royalities, at just over 2 minutes of an 8 minute song, it was more useful to them as promotion than anything, but narrow-minded record execs quite often miss the big picture while busy counting their money. It’s a great and powerful song, which I recommend buying through a download service like iTunes or Puretracks, so as to not give the execs so much profit buying their grossly overpriced CD’s (You DO know it only costs then less than a dollar to manufacture a CD, right?). All this bullshit really takes away from the message of the video though, which is we need to stop wasting so much money on war and start redirecting it to people who need food, medicine and other essentials. Although, when it all comes down to it really, it’s still always about money and powerful corporate bastards anyway, right?


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