Posted by: Asmodeus | January 8, 2008

Ranting 101

Got your attention? Excellent!! While I do have a few other blogs, I wanted to make this one about things that actually matter and are socially relevant. I don’t want it to become a daily diary of how pissed off I may or may not be, as this tends to water things down over time. I see a lot of blogs that get written in every day, whether or not the person really has something important to say, and it gets to the point where there are some really bland posts just for the sake of filling space. I hate reading a crap post about how nice the weather is outside or how great you feel about your new shoes, and I dont wish to fall down that same path.

I’m telling you this so as not to expect regular posts with this blog. I’ll only post when something seems worthy enough to warrant my time typing it to you. That’s not to say that there aren’t days when the weather IS nice outside…just that I know you don’t care. You’re here to read my rants, and I DO rant. There are MANY things that piss me off on a pretty much daily basis, and I shall share some of those things with you…

Stay Tuned!!


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