Posted by: Asmodeus | May 31, 2008

Rich Greedy Bastards

There is a saying that the rich need an abundance of the poor to survive and I think this is especially true with the recent skyrocketing cost of living. Pretty much no matter where you live you’ll notice a jump in the cost of everything you buy.

This is greatly attributed to the cost of oil and the gas used to transport the products to the stores in which we purchase the goods. Where I live in Canada, the government puts a whopping 35-40% tax on gas, which is ridiculously high. I’ve read in the news many horror stories of poor people having to choose between heat and food in the winter. No one should have to make that kind of choice!

There was a local story about a man who literally froze to death on the floor of his home because he could not afford heat last winter. This angers me greatly because it’s completely preventable. The reason people can’t afford the NECESSITIES of life anymore is simple: the rich greedy bastards are now ruling the world in which we live.

The constant excuse I hear from these rich greedy bastards is that they are getting hit with the same soaring costs that we are and they have to raise the costs of their consumer products because of this higher production cost. Bullshit! They’re making poor people poorer instead of just taking a hit on their own rich pockets.

I read about a company reporting $10,000 less for the 1st three months of the year, put still posted a one million dollar profit (no losses!). Instead of the big company eating the 10,000 less, by perhaps lowering the 7 figure CEO salary, they passed it directly to the consumer, who make considerably less than 7 figures a year.

To me this is unacceptable. People scraping by on a few thousand a year shouldn’t go hungry because a millionaire or billionaire is too consumed by greed to accept slightly less on his own salary. Some of you may be asking “Well, why should he if he doesn’t have to?” and I’m all for people succeeding if they work hard, but there’s an extreme balance in today’s world that needs to be addressed.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” and there’s the crux of the problem, in that these rich assholes don’t want to give up ANYTHING, even when people are DYING because of it. The man who froze to death could have been saved if the govt had just lowered the taxes to make at least home heating fuel more affordable. Their response? “Not our problem!”. And now the power corporation wants to raise it’s rates AGAIN!

Because of all these hard times, there are many busy charities. Charities that have had to turn people away because they ran out of food or money and shelters than are overflowing with those in need. Here’s another point that bothers me. I see many big corporate stores offering charitable donations on behalf of their customers, instead of helping people directly.

The clerk will ask a customer if they wish to donate to a charity on top of their purchase, putting the customer on the spot and making them look like a heartless bastard in front of everyone in line if they say no. This isn’t fair. I’m all for giving to charity, but you should be able to do it on your own terms, to the charity of your choice, without being blindsided at a counter while picking up some milk and bread.

What’s worse is the big stores take the credit for it! They can say “look at how much we raised for charity”, but it’s actually the poor people who didn’t want to look bad in front of other people who donated the money. If the company really wants to donate money, then they should do it out of their own profits, or have a donation box on the counter so people can donate on a volunteer basis, instead of being felt pushed into it during the transaction.

If the company simply donated from the profits (even just a small percentage) out of the purchases made, then they could truly take credit for actually giving (“real” charity) and the buyers could feel good in knowing that by buying from that store will also benefit a charity. The stores would even potentially attract more customers with this approach and no one has to feel bullied. It’s a win-win situation.

While this may seem like a rant, there are so many cases of greed consuming people in power that I now want to make this the focus of my blog with the new category “rich greedy bastards”. I’m not referring to small “mom and pop” stores with a donation jar to raise money for a local child’s kidney transplant or a small company that is doing well for itself through hard work and patience. My posts will be specifically about companies who are consumed by greed and making more money than they need while other people are homeless and starving. 

It’s about excess. It’s about small companies that become big and forget where they came from. Specific companies, such as Google, who went from a scrappy little upstart several years ago taking on Yahoo (the search engine giant at the time) and winning, to now dominating the internet to the point where surfers and website owners are now slaves to the Google search engine whims and Adwords extortion. This, by the way, is why I’m ranting on WordPress, since it has a tag system whereby even if Google buries my blog or bans it, my posts will still be read and, hopefully, spread by other WordPress readers.

But I’ll leave my Google rant for another post. And my Paypal rant. And my Ebay rant…ah, so much to write about! At least I know there will never be a shortage of corruption to expose. Please leave comments and suggestions. Wish me luck!



  1. I watch the news and wonder, while the talk is about the cost of crude oil, the weak dollar and fear cuasing problems – I think many people are out of touch with the reality of everyday life.

    Gas prices are higher due to greed. Greed from opec, oil companies, speculators, business owners and so forth. yes, I believe things will get better – why, becuase the greedy will burn this sector out and move to the next new money making thing……

    Win a $500 Gas Card

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