Posted by: Asmodeus | September 27, 2008

Liberta Togo Against Gnassingbe

There is an abuse of power going on in the country of Togo at the hands of the ruling Gnassingbe family. The military is being used to keep the people in line and the corrupt government in power. Why are these abuses being allowed to continue?

The world should be more active in stopping atrocities like this. It seems like unless the Western countries have an interest in protecting oil land or some mining operation, they are not interested in helping. Togo needs our help in stopping Gnassingbe! You can learn more about the situation there and what you can do to help at the Liberta Togo Gnassingbe website. It’s a disturbing, but much needed photo fact presentation of what is going on there.



  1. thanks for the post.

    much appreciated.


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